The D.B.E

It is a complementary tool of bioenergy holistic healing that takes to Being in all its parts: energetic, spiritual, physical, affective, emotionally.

It is based on the feeling to flow, outside the disciplines and techniques.

The Coach in D.B.E will show you the way home, so you can remember who you are.

It is a means of changing the perspective with respect to the World of which you are a part and which is part of you.

Feeling, thinking, doing, saying are part of the tools with which you believe in the world and bond with it.

In it there may be: Joy, peace, love, well-being, anger, frustration, sadness, wealth, poverty.

They are all part of life, you decide what is the prominence of each of them in your experience.

Our work

We expand awareness through our talks

Through our talks, workshops, and video conferences, as well as on our youtube channel, we transmit our experiences and the foundations of Bioenergy Defragmentation©..


  • We provide face-to-face consultations.
  • Remote inquiries through our platform.
  • People come to the office and receive the attention of a Coach who will prepare the best scenario for the consultant to see, resolve and release all the information he believed real in his life and used to create a world based on that understanding.
  • At the end of the consultation the person will have become aware that this is not his reality. And you will have discovered what is its essence and the content of it with everything necessary to realize in peace, love, well-being and abundance. When these states are not present, they will know how to self-manage and leave low states of consciousness.

Mariana Rodríguez


16 years of searching, i was brought into the unlimited energetic world in conjunction with the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body linked to bonds in all aspects of life.

Reiki, MTC (Chinese Medicine), Akashic records, EFT emotional release techniques, EMF Balancing, Bach Flowers, Arcturiana Healing, Biomagnetism, Numerology, NLP and others, have taken me through that great unlimited and wonderful world of the intangible.

My biggest motivation has been to achieve well-being.

 Study the bonds in the family, the couple, the children, the affections, the work ties, with wealth and abundance in any aspect of life.

My greatest inspirations have been: Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Bruce H. Lipton, Stephen R. Covey, James Redfield and Jack Pransky; but the greatest of my learnings has come from the hand of the people who have attended the consultation, who together with my own experiences have allowed me to come to design this complementary system of bioenergy healing.

 D.B.E©, Family Defragmentation© and Business Defragmentation© are based on feeling without techniques, without intervention of intellect and ego.

After years of walking the road, in the inner search and sharing experiences with so many people, two books of self-help emerge.

 – "Road to 9th Code What is the truth?" It is based on my own experience and my consultants. It is intended to help find the reader's personal truth about the world he is a part of.

"Road to the 9th Code You decide" : Also based on my own experience and that of the participants in this wonderful adventure of the D.B.E, but in this 2nd volume is the decision based on that truth of the world, to take the same or a different path towards personal self-management, according to the feeling of each one.

What do our Consultants say?